• Tia

    "SO EXCITED. Clothes are clothes. But when you can wear clothes
    that....Speak your mind. Speak how you feel. Speak your truth. Means so much more than just a shirt or sweater."

  • Brad

    "I truly love my shirt for more than just how comfy it is! Beside the fact is makes me look great lol, every time I look in the mirror whether my day is going sideways or not it reminds me that I need to be positive and I have what it takes to be great!

    Major fan of the positive affirmations on the shirt and super grateful I was able to grab some for myself and the family."

  • Krista

    "This is so freaking cute! and I must say I love it!

    Super soft, super comphy and cute! Perfect for these crazy hot days we are having.

    Your girl is about to be spending way too much time in this lewk because the colour and cut is unbelievable ♡ also

    ..... lots of room for us "busty" ladies!"

  • Holly

    "I love love love this T-shirt! It’s the perfect fit, size is accurate and
    it doesn’t shrink when going through the dryer. I love T-shirts but
    never been a fan of the restricted feeling around my neck so the v-neck is a lifesaver. On top of that the message is spot on!"

Speak your mind.

Share with the world a message that speaks from your soul.

Doesn't hurt that they're super soft, comfy and look great!

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Stay positive.

The road to greatness is filled with many obstacles.

You must stay inspired along the way.

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To Inspire, Create, and Dare Mighty Things

With Latter Day Poets you can feel connected to a constant companion in the form of a favorite t-shirt or hoodie. A companion who inspires, supports, and motivates you along your journey to achieveing your dreams.

Our Logo

Understand the symbolism behind the Latter Day Poets Logo

  • Air

    Representing wisdom, intellect, rationality, curiosity.

  • Water

    Representing compassion, emotion, self-awareness, and adaptability.

  • Fire

    Representing passion, ambition, confidence, and leadership.

  • Earth

    Representing reliability, respect, consistency, and persistence.

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