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Musicians | Painters | Entrepreneurs | Dancers | Dreamers...#WeAreAllPoets

Inspired | Motivated | Passionate | #WeAreAllPoets

Whether you are a writer, an entrepreneur, a student, a painter, a dancer or simply someone who wants to be inspired and motivated to pursue their passions in life, you can always count on Latter Day Poets Clothing Co. to help you stay motivated.

Our mission is to inspire & empower you to pursue your dreams by providing you with motivational & inspirational apparel that will make you look great and feel even better.

Testimonials & Ambassadors

Jesse Patrick

Singer. Songwriter. Musician. 

"I love the shirt(s) and clothing concept."

Classic Logo Tee


Adventurer. Energy Worker. Spiritual Gangsta.

"SO EXCITED. Clothes are clothes. But when you can wear clothes that....Speak your mind. Speak how you feel. Speak your truth. Means so much more than just a shirt or sweater."

Spiritual Gangsta Tee
Latter Day Poets White Logo Tee (Men's Crew Neck) More Soul Less Ego Moon Phase Long Sleeve Shirt - White I.Do.G.A.F - Men's Tee - White/Red Latter Day Poets Logo 2.0 Hoodie - White

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Clothing that speaks your truth

Your clothing is a reflection of who you are and who you want to be. If sharing positivity, motivating and inspiring others is important to you, you're in the right place because we are passionate about those values too! Shop now to find your new favorite inspirational, motivational and spiritual clothing today!

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The Things That Move You

When what you wear connects with how you think, you are finally free to move with the grace intended for you. 

Search our inventory and find the inspirational & motivational Tees, Hoodies, Sweaters, Tank Tops, and Notebooks you've been looking for!

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